Age-Modified Swiss Pairings
Two-Day Swiss Format
Day 1 – Best of 3 Swiss – All Age Divisions – up to 9 Rounds – 50 minutes + 3 turns
Day 2 – Additional Swiss Rounds (based on attendance/per age division – probably Master Division Only)
Day 2 – Single Elimination Top Cut Rounds – All Age Divisions – Best of 3 – 70 minutes + 3 turns

Maximum number of Single Elimination Top Cut Players = 8

Current Standard Format (as of 9/1/17) consists of the following expansions:

  • XY – BREAKthrough (BKT) – Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows (BUS)
  • Black Star Promo cards numbered XY67 and up, and SM01 and up
  • Cards from the following products are also legal:
    • Generations
    • XY Trainer Kit – Pikachu Libre & Suicune
    • Sun & Moon Trainer Kit – Lycanroc & Alolan Raichu
    • McDonald’s Collection 2016

Resources for current format information can be found at


  • A completed Decklist is required BEFORE you enter the exhibit hall for check-in!
  • You will be asked to show it to the line monitor before you are allowed to enter for check-in.
  • Have your Decklist out, unfolded and ready to present. It will be collected by the judges who are checking the Decklists.

Decklist Resources

  • PokeGym’s Decklist creator.
    • Use Blank Deck (Standard) to create your decklist.
    • Print and staple together if there are multiple pages
    • Convenient
    • Legible and saves you from all that writing
    • Aids in the prevention of simple deck list errors
    • Saves time at check-in
    • Pre-printed Decklists earn you five raffle tickets
  • Blank decklists will be available in the pre-event area to complete neatly and legibly before you enter the exhibit hall for check-in.
  • Play! Pokémon Printable Decklist
    • Go to Play! Pokémon Events page on Pokémon website
    • Scroll down and click to open the Play! Pokémon Rules & Resources page
    • Scroll to Card Information
    • Print the blank Play! Pokémon Decklist (8.5 x 11)
    • Write neatly and legibly to complete the player information section.
    • Check off “Standard” – Use only cards from sets designated for the Standard Format with the highlighted circle around the set symbol.
    • Complete neatly and legibly before you enter the exhibit hall for check-in.

YOUR OWN legal dice, damage counters, randomizers, GX and special condition markers. (See section 3.5 1 & 2 of TCG Rules and Formats for further information and Official Rules documents for appropriate dice and damage counters you may use.

SLEEVES Card sleeves/protectors are not required, however if you choose to use them, you must abide by the rules set forth in the Play! Pokémon TCG Tournament Rules and Formats (For further information see Card Sleeves – section 2) – of particular note:

  •  Be sure all of the sleeves are the same color, condition, size and texture and that they are not marked in any way.
  • Shiny/reflective sleeves are not permitted.
  • Damaged sleeves will NOT be allowed for this event

“The use of sleeves with any form of pattern or artwork on the back of the sleeve is strictly prohibited at all Premier Events, unless the sleeve is an official Pokémon sleeve, where the color along all four edges of the sleeve is identical.