Trading Card Game and Video Game Players




It is every player’s responsibility to read, periodically review for any updates and understand these rules when attending events. These are at – click Green “Attend Events” box, Play! Pokémon Links menu – Rules & Resources (TCG and VG Rules and Formats, along with General Event Rules were updated on July 26, 2017)

By registering for this event, you are acknowledging that you have done this!

AGE DIVISIONS (As of 7/13/17 for the 2017 – 2018 season)

  • Junior Division – born in 2007 or later
  • Senior Division – born in 2003, 2004, 2005, or 2006
  • Masters Division – born in 2002 or earlier


Your Play! Pokémon Player ID Number

It is imperative that you take the time to do this PRIOR to attempting to register online! Be certain before you register that you know your correct ID number, that your account is activated and you’ve opted into player rankings on your “settings page”. Following this process accurately will ensure that you are entered into the event in the correct age division and that you will be awarded Play! Points, Championship Points and prizes appropriately.

  • If you are 13 years old and older you may sign up for your own Pokémon Trainer Club account at  (Be certain to make note of your username & password so you can log back into your account.) Once you have done this, go to your Play! Pokémon Settings page and either add a Play! Pokémon Player ID number you received at a previous event, or have the system assign your Player ID number.
  • If you are under 13 years old, you MUST have your parent set up a Pokémon Trainer Club account in his/her name first. Once this has been completed, your parent needs to use the + ADD Child button to set up the Pokémon Trainer Club account for you as the child. Upon completion of this process your parent can get you the Play! Pokémon Player ID number at your Play! Pokémon Settings page and either add a Play! Pokémon Player ID number you received at a previous event, or have the system assign your Player ID number.



Participants will follow and behave in accordance with the Play! Pokémon – General Event Rules (rev. 7/26/17)

Spirit of the Game

“Adherence to the Spirit of the Game helps ensure that all participants, including players, spectators, and event staff at any Play! Pokémon tournament, have an enjoyable experience. This spirit should guide the conduct of players as well as the tournament judges as they interpret and enforce the rules.” (section 1.0)

The Spirit of the Game comprises the following tenets: Fun, Fairness, Honesty, Respect, Sportsmanship, Learning!

For more information and guidance see Play! Pokémon – General Event Rules at under the Attend Events page link.


“All attendees at Play! Pokémon tournaments are expected to be respectful of and courteous to each other. This includes handling disputes calmly, following directions issued by tournament staff, abstaining from profanity, and avoiding the discussion of inflammatory or offensive topics. Attire that is suggestive or contains rude or inappropriate messages is not to be worn at a Play! Pokémon tournament. Any inappropriate accessories (playmats, sleeves. etc.) are not to be used at a Play! Pokémon tournament. All participants are expected to maintain a socially acceptable level of personal hygiene, as determined by the tournament staff. Attendees may be asked to leave the event venue if they fail to meet the responsibilities outlined in the Play! Pokémon – General Event Rules documents.” (section 6.0) See link listed above.

Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) and Video Game (VG) events are family friendly events. Prism Staffing, LLC and Bluebird Games Events will not tolerate behavior and conduct that does not adhere to a family friendly atmosphere.

Attendees will not be granted the privilege to participate in events and/or may be required to leave a particular event venue and its property without refund and/or privilege of any prizing if:

  • Participant violates any venue’s Rules and Regulations while on site, as determined by the venue and/or event’s security team and in consultation with the event organizer.
  • Participant fails to comply with instructions, which may have a potentially high safety and security risk to themselves, other participants, venue staff, property of others and the venue, if not followed.
  • Participant’s use of any threatening language written or verbal in any form towards another intended participant and/or registered participant whether it is in preparation of the event, during discussions with others about the event during the event while onsite, and/or prior to participant’s actual attendance at the venue.
  • Participant is destructive to Prism Staffing, LLC’s property, venue property, vendor property, and/or including but not limited to another participant’s property.
  • Participants who act in a way that endangers themselves, other participants, event team members and/or venue staff.
  • Threatening in any form, stealing, cheating, and/or harassing others in any way is strictly prohibited and is cause for removal from the venue and its property.

If you are witness to, whether it is via verbal and/or written language, communication prior to and or during the event, whether you are a bystander, or part of the situation, please seek venue and event security and/or an Event Team member to report any such incident. Reports may be made to the Event Organizer via the Stage team and/or the Information booth located just inside the entrance doors as needed.


  • Venue staff and Event security will be visible onsite. Security may be provided by a combination of local law enforcement personnel, venue security, and/or event security.
  • Medical staff will be present in the pre-event area at a table designated as “First Aid”.
  • All security and safety personnel are present to ensure the safety and well-being of all in attendance. Please show them respect. The directions they provide are in the best interest of all involved in the event.
  • All doorways, stairways and escalators must remain unobstructed at all times. Do not sit, stand, or remain in any of these locations for any reason except to enter and exit.
  • WARNING: DO NOT leave bags, backpacks and/or belongings unattended. Any unattended bags/backpacks and/or items may be seized by the Event staff, security personnel and/or local police department in order to maintain safety.
  • The possession of a dangerous weapon is prohibited in the Connecticut Convention Center. Concealed weapons are strictly prohibited in the Connecticut Convention Center. Firearms, facsimile of a firearm and those products deemed “dangerous weapons” as defined in CT General Statute 53-206 are prohibited in the Connecticut Convention Center.


If you have misplaced an item, and/or left it behind and it is missing, first check with the Information booth where all Lost and Found items will be maintained.

It is highly recommended that you use permanent marker to write your name on playmats and deck boxes and leave an identifying tag within your backpack and/or other items you have with you, in case something does go missing or gets left behind. It is the best assurance that you will get it back.


Event venue is a Smoke-Free facility. Smoking of any product or type is not permitted anywhere on the Premises.


Participants, Guests, Vendors, Volunteers, and any other person who is in attendance (“Participants”) at any and all events organized, produced and run by Prism Staffing, LLC, assume all risks and release Prism Staffing, LLC from any and all liability for loss, damage and/or injury (including disability or death) to his/her person and property while attending, participating in or becoming involved with any and all events. Participants by the very fact that they are participating, make the following representations and assurances to Prism Staffing, LLC, and acknowledge that Prism Staffing, LLC, would not permit participation in this event without receiving such representations and assurances.

Participants acknowledge and agree that events may involve some inherently dangerous activities, Prism Staffing LLC, will use good faith efforts to conduct and manage the events, but participants must understand that it is not possible to make any event completely safe. Participants warrant and represent that they are sufficiently knowledgeable, skilled and/or informed regarding any and all events in order to properly and fully judge the inherent risks of the events prior to registering for and attending an event.


Participants acknowledge and agree that any and all events involve potential risks of serious injury, disability or even death. Participants represent that they have sufficient physical fitness to participate in the event and have no medical reason or impairment that might otherwise prevent him/her from participating in the event. If participants are aware of and acknowledge any condition, problem, issue, and/or situation that may prevent him/her, or others from safely participating in any event, that Prism Staffing, LLC should be notified immediately, and participant(s) should remove themselves from the event and/or not participate.

In consideration of being allowed to attend, participate in and/or become involved with any event, any and all participants assume full responsibility for their own safety and accept all known and unanticipated risks of loss, damage and injury (including death or disability) to one’s self and property while attending, participating in or becoming involved with any event, regardless of whether or not such risks are attributable to the negligence of others. By assuming and accepting all known and unanticipated risks, participants absolve, waive, discharge and release Prism Staffing, LLC and all its employees, advisors, consultants, members, contractors, organizers, operators, volunteers, sponsors including but not limited to The Pokémon Company International (TPCi) or any other person(s) affiliated with Prism Staffing, LLC and all venue staff, guests, fellow participants, landlords, owners, management companies and the like (collectively the “Indemnified Parties”) from any legal duty for participant’s safety or any liability for participant’s harm, to the maximum extent permitted by law.


In consideration of being allowed to attend, participate in or become involved with any events, participants agree to release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Indemnified Parties from and against any and all liability, claims, demands, controversy, lawsuits or possible causes of action (“Claims”) that may accrue or arise from any loss, damage or injury (including death or disability) to participant’s person and property that is in any way related to and/or arising in connection with participant’s attendance at, participation in or involvement with any events, regardless of whether or not such Claims are attributable in whole or in part to any act, omission or negligence of the Indemnified Parties. Participants agree that the Indemnified Parties will not be legally responsible for any loss, damage and/or injury (including death or disability) to participant’s person and property arising out of or in any way connected to the events, however caused and on any theory of liability whatsoever (whether in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise), including any and all costs, expenses and attorney’s fees that may be associated with any Claims. Participants further agree that he/she will not cause, encourage, promulgate, support or cooperate with (unless such cooperation is judicially mandated) any Claims to be brought against the Indemnified Parties.

Participants understand that the release and assumption of risk is intended to provide a comprehensive release of liability but is not intended to assert any defenses that are prohibited by law. The release and assumption of risk shall be enforceable to the fullest extent allowed by law. If any portion of the release and assumption of risk is held invalid, those parts that are not held invalid shall continue in full force and effect. The terms of the above release and assumption of risk shall apply to and be binding on participant, participant’s spouse, heirs, and all members of participant’s family, executors, administrators, representatives, and assigns.


Prism Staffing, LLC is dedicated to providing safe, enjoyable, and harassment-free events for all participants, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race religion, or affiliation, and acknowledges that disruptive behavior, inappropriate and unlawful conduct, and harassment in any form will not be tolerated. Participants agree to conduct themselves and any minors in their supervision, in a safe, responsible, non-disruptive, and lawful manner while attending any events, and understand that violation of event policies as determined by Prism Staffing, LLC in its sole discretion, may result in expulsion from the event without refund. If you need to report an issue, you may do so at the Information Table in the main event hall.


As a participant at events organized, produced and run by Prism Staffing, LLC, participants agree that Prism Staffing, LLC may photograph and/or record participant’s likeness and/or voice and participation at an event and without any additional consideration, participants agree that Prism Staffing, LLC and its assigns and/or licensees may distribute, exhibit, broadcast, exploit, advertise, publicize and promote participant’s name, biographical material, likeness, voice and performance in and in connection with any of Prism Staffing, LLC events. Participants agree that Prism Staffing, LLC and its assigns may edit participant’s appearance therein and he/she waives any personal or proprietary rights with respect thereto. Participants represent and warrant to Prism Staffing, LLC that he/she has not made any contract or commitment in conflict with this grant of rights to Prism Staffing, LLC. Nothing herein contained shall obligate Prism Staffing, LLC to make or cause to be made any broadcast or other use of said appearance, or to exercise any of the rights granted to Prism Staffing, LLC herein.


(directly quoted as per Play! Pokémon – General Event Rules documents dated July 26, 2017 page 6, 5.- 5.1)

“Attendance at a Play! Pokémon event may lead to an attendee’s image and likeness being photographed and video-recorded by or on behalf of The Pokémon Company International (TPCi).

By entering or remaining at Play! Pokémon events, attendees grant permission for TPCi, its affiliates, and media organizations to publish their name, image, likeness, team or deck composition, methods of play, and written and oral statements in connection with any still photograph, live or recorded video display, or other transmission or reproduction of the event, in whole or in any part.

Broadcast Match Play (5.1)

While attending a Play! Pokémon tournament, some players may be instructed to play a match that will be featured, projected, or broadcast to a large audience and/or to online viewers. Players must comply with the Organizer’s directions regarding the location of the match. In addition, these matches may require additional equipment or considerations, such as new card sleeves, playmats, apparel, or the use of noise-canceling headphones. Players are expected to abide by these considerations.

Due to the nature of broadcast matches, players should be aware that penalties earned but not applied during a match may be applied upon subsequent review. Additionally, certain kinds of penalties, especially those related to unacceptable behavior or language, may be escalated when applied to matches that are broadcast.”


  • No media recording equipment larger than a handheld device is allowed without an approved Press badge and/or the express consent of Prism Staffing, LLC. Those with professional recording needs should email the organizer at with inquiries.
  • Participants may not block aisles or walkways, impede movement, or disrupt the event for photo-taking or recording purposes.
  • Media recordings of specific vendor booths, products on-sale and/or display, demo products, and specific Prism Staffing, LLC events and/or parts thereof are prohibited without the consent of the associated vendor or event organizer. Participants are responsible for knowing and complying with any additional rules and regulations pertaining to their location of recording/photographing.
  • The Ethics, Conduct and No Harassment Policy extends to photographs, video and/or voice recordings and acts of recording taken by attendees at all Prism Staffing, LLC events. Participants acknowledge that their photographs, and any recordings must comply with this policy and any failure to do so may result in expulsion for the event and possible future events, without refund and/or privilege of prizing support. Prism Staffing, LLC will enforce this policy at their own discretion.
  • Use of Prism Staffing, LLC and the Bluebird Games logo is prohibited.