Pokémon Regional Championships – Hartford Trading Card Game (TCG) Live Stream Link beginning September 30, 2017 by 10 AM EDT

Pokémon Regional Championships – Hartford Video Game (VG) Live Stream Link beginning September 30, 2017 by 10 AM EDT


Mark Korsak – TCG Stream Producer

Mark Korsak, or better known as Chibo in the gaming community, is a long time competitor and media producer. While he is most well known for his work in the Super Smash Bros. series of games, he has also devoted extensive time with his company CLASH Tournaments to supporting the competitive Pokémon community. CLASH has previously streamed multiple New England Regionals and a number of city and state level events in Pennsylvania and New York.

Twitter: @CLASHTournament

Raymond Cipoletti – TCG Stream Commentator

Raymond “rayC” Cipoletti has been a TCG enthusiast throughout his entire life. After playing Pokémon professionally for several years, Ray decided to try something new. Currently, he competes as a Hearthstone player for the professional esports organization Panda Global. Still, his ties to New England Pokémon remain strong. He considers the friends he made in the Pokémon scene some of his closest. Next to his many competitive talents, Ray also casts on the side. He got his start behind the desk at New England Regionals in 2013. His grassroots commentary and outgoing personality make his casting something of a fan favorite.

Twitter: @PG_rayC

Cora Georgiou – TCG Stream Commentator

Cora “Songbird” Georgiou is predominantly a Hearthstone caster, but her first love has always been Pokemon. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication in the winter of 2016, Cora pursued a career in gaming broadcast. She has since casted for a variety of high-profile Hearthstone tournaments, including the Hearthstone Championship Tour and Dreamhack Grand Prix circuit. Cora has been playing Pokemon TCG since she was a child and she is thrilled to be casting her first Pokemon tournament, more than 15 years after opening her first pack. When not playing card games, Cora is a Chicago native whose alias comes from a lifelong love of singing.

Twitter: @Songbird_HS

Adam Dorricott – VG Stream Producer

Adam Dorricott (“Dozz”) got hooked on VGC after an impromptu trip to UK Nationals in 2010. Since then, he played in the 2011 World Championships and made appearances in tournaments on both sides of the Atlantic. After relocating to Florida, competing took a back seat and commentary became his main focus with local grassroots efforts quickly becoming an invite to join the official commentary team. Last year Adam casted at Regionals, U.S. Internationals, and the World Championships. This coming season, Adam and the team are leveling up grassroots streaming for Pokémon VGC, putting together streams for multiple regionals and kicking it all off in Hartford, CT.

Twitter: @dozzalon

Gabby Snyder – VG Stream Commentator

Gabby Snyder has been competing in the Pokémon Video Game Championships since their inception in 2009. Her standout year was the 2015 season, which was topped off with an invite to the World Championships. She switched to commentary during the 2016 season with a focus on grassroots events; during the 2017 season she was invited to join the official stream for all Regional Championships, the North American International Championships, and the World Championships. She has an absolute blast watching trainers battle and hopes you do too throughout the entire weekend!

Twitter: @iBidoof

Follow Gabby’s Twitch stream at:

Brendan Lewis – VG Stream Commentator

Brendan Lewis is a Pokémon VG commentator returning to the desk for his second championship season as a caster. Brendan made his casting debut in late 2016 as a commentator for an inter-city grassroots tournament and has since gone on to cast multiple Mid-Season Showdowns across the Northeast, as well as the 2017 Roanoke Regional Championship. Despite having begun casting only recently, Brendan has been competing in Pokémon VGC events since 2014 and has been playing the Pokémon video games since 1999. He is very excited to be commentating a Regional Championship in his home state of Connecticut and is looking forward to a weekend of exciting Pokémon matches!

Twitter: @mrbdog46VGC

Joseph Brown – VG Stream Commentator

Joe Brown has been an avid Pokémon fan since before Pokémon games even had experience bars. The Hartford event will mark his first time casting at the Regional level, but that doesn’t mean Joe is inexperienced behind the commentary desk. He has streamed with the wonderful crew of New York and New Jersey trainers on Liberty Garden for three seasons of play, enjoying every minute of it. Joe is fascinated by competitive play and loves how the metagame and optimal Pokémon combinations evolve throughout the season.

Twitter: @Xeminan